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 I like to offer a blog post with a co-student in a different country. We met true instagram, the love for watches and also something with a tall watchmaker. He recently started his own dedicated instagram page for watch sales. Rerun watches, a place where you can find watches that are in search of a new loving home. A kind student kid who has a heart for watches, what is there not to love? Also he does own a strap of me, maybe I should start to call this blog series 'consumers favorite'. I like to present to you: 
Who are you?
Samuel Mills (
What was your first watch?
A fossil dive watch with a nato strap that came in a cool square tin with the tube map on it. Probably the reason I got an SKX013 later, and also probably why I love natos.
What is your favorite watch in your personal collection?
My 34mm Tudor oyster because it’s a beautiful classic and I wear it on a grey nato, which pisses off the purists a little, which is a good laugh. I also wear it on a brown leather strap. ( editor note: no you don't, it is a grey nato. You should get your eyes checked Sam.)
What is your all-time favorite aka holy grail watch?
For a daily watch, it has to be the 36mm explorer 1, probably a ref. 14270, because then I could get a birth year one and that would be special (yes I’m young). For more of a traditional grail maybe a 37mm Royal oak.
Do you have a watch incoming or are you on the hunt for one?
Due to being a founder/ partner at Rerun Watches, I get to constantly hunt and source really cool vintage watches, but I tend to not grow too attached because I’m really a bracelet guy, and therefore vintage watches on straps don’t get enough wrist time to justify keeping them. Its probably because of my lifestyle, as I do a lot of sport (climbing and archery), and don’t wear a suit to university (probably will more in the future though). Due to all that the next watch I want to buy for myself will be a Rolex Date 1500, or an Explorer 1, as that the only thing I can think of that I would wear often enough to justify.
Best watch related advice for any other collector?
Be conscious of your lifestyle, and get watches that match it, but also have some fun outliers that you just really want to own for the design or just for those intangible reasons.
Do you regret selling a particular watch?
I sold a Gold Movado with a lovely two tone white and cream dial, but then again I didn’t wear it and I bought it to sell on. It was just really nice to look at.
Most memorable watch related story?
I took an underwater wristshot of my SKX013 in a river during the summer and my ‘waterproof’ phone got a bit messed up, but I left it in rice overnight and it was fine. 
Favorite strap in the Perpetualwatchlover collection?
I ordered a Cognac racing strap, which I think will arrive tomorrow. 
Thank you for the read watchfam! Definitely stay tuned for a upcoming blogs with other people, we got a few nice ones ready to enter in the mailbox. 
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ps: did you know I personally draw a dog on every packing note? Don't believe me? Buy something to see for yourself.