Vintage Watches

Omega speedmaster LCD 168.0004

It is rare, it is odd, it is quirky. What could be? A unicorn? pretty close but no, it is this Omega speedmaster quartz. The first lcd on the moon with not 1 but 2 batteries! One is for the time one is for the light. Measuring 37mm in diameter, 42 lug 2 lu...

Seiko World Time 6217-7000 Rare MEXICAN Olympics 1967

1964, the olympic games were setting of, Japan is going crazy and see the need for an innovation in watches. The world time was born. A watch with an additional hand, the 24hour hand. A turning internal bezel makes checking time anywhere in the world a mov...

Omega Seamaster ' TURLER' 14701 automatic Watch Calendar

"Hi, want to see my rare Seamaster? Here is it, it got a Turler sign. Pretty cool, ain't it?" That could be you at the next gtg. With your brand new serviced vintage Seamaster.  The case is sharp, the lug holes are far away from the case making it a true s...

Omega Seamaster- 2846 - Cal 501

We are very proud to offer this unique watch. The way the tropic like patina plays with the light is unique and lovely to watch change in the light. A sharp case with all bevels present. Now paired with a black grained perpetualwatchlover strap but will ge...

Certina DS1 long Gay frère bracelet 5801112

The rare bird landed. She landed with a goat. A goat of a bracelet. Running on some good Swiss stuff. Sick patina, sweet long bracelet, 37mm, affordable, what can one ask more? Exact! A date!! Well this one has even that! The DS is a great example of Swiss...

Seiko Marvel

Seiko marvel j14012B Pre tanaka   Many people already know about the great design master Taro Tanaka is. He started in 1959 for Seiko and really layed down the grammar of design in 1962. The marvel j14012B is actually designed before Tanaka-sin arrived at ...

King Seiko 5626-7000 Day/date Automatic Rare Block index Dial (hi-beat)

  Sharp as a katana, iconic as origami and rare as a unicorn. Here we have a king seiko 5626 with a day and a date function. What makes this a unicorn? The block inlays, only made for a very short period of time. Only made in late 60's, these inlays play a...

Seiko Cronos - Pre 62MAS/Silverwave - ' water 50 proof' - j13046

A stunning example of the technology that Seiko was hunting for in the late 50’s. The watch housing a triple locking caseback and double screwed down balance bridge. All to be able to withstand the high pressure a watch needed to withstand in rough conditi...

Zenith Linen dial automatic Vintage watch Linen With ORIGINAL Box

  How incredible cool is this dial? Imagine a nice summer day, you wearing this gold watch and the dial is just playing with the light. How classy can life be? Next to the super cool dial there are these hands. Check the shape of it, look closer and enjoy ...

King Seiko 5625-7110 date Automatic Rare Black Dial (hi-beat)

THE KING of the seiko's, a king seiko 56 running on a hi-beat automatic movement, the quintessential cool seiko from the 60's. A great case design a serviced automatic movement with working quickset. A Rare black dial with some galaxy patina. Original crow...

Seiko NOS BLUE DIAL 3003 ref CK001 Cal 3863

  NOS, a word we collectors love to see. Combine this with a blue dial and mere collector gets overly excited. Here we have this combination on offer. A rare seiko, with a case shape where we can CLEARLY see the Tanaka influence. The bracelet is made out o...

Seiko business-A 8346-8020 UNISHELL CASE automatic

 In it for the business. That is the how I would describe this patinated beauty. She dates back to 1967 where seiko took their automatic movement design and slimmed it down to a more sleek and thinner watch. Originally seiko aimed to juniors in the corpora...

Seiko Sportsmatic J14103D Tuxedo automatic

  Tuxedo are cool. Just as this freshly serviced tuxedo Seiko sportmatic. The reference is in fact super rare yet this watch could be a daily watch without being worried about using it. Made in the early 60's with an automatic movement. Not unusual for sei...

Seiko Weekdater 6206-8990 Automatic Patina dial

A rare vintage seiko weekdater, running on a caliber 6206A. Freshly serviced with a one year warranty. This classic runs within 30s a day (modern seiko standards) with a fully written day on the dial. A feature on rolex dared to touch at the time. The watc...

Seiko weekdater Seikomatic 6206-8130

A rare vintage seiko weekdater, running on a caliber 6206. This classic runs within 30s a day (modern seiko standards) with a fully written day on the dial. A feature on rolex dared to touch at the time. This watch has a screwback caseback compared to the ...

Seiko LM 5606-7151 Linen Dial

The perfect summer watch doesn't exi... Or does it? Linen dials just scream for linen shirts, linen shirts scream summer. This watch has a linen dial, so it screams summer! 36mm, money size case, 70's vibe with a flat 7 link original bracelet that fits a w...
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