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Seiko World Time 6217-7000 First edition May 1964



1964, the olympic games were setting of, Japan is going crazy and see the need for an innovation in watches. The world time was born. A watch with an additional hand, the 24hour hand. A turning internal bezel makes checking time anywhere in the world a move of seconds instead of a trip to the library. Just spin the inner bezel to the right spot and you know all the timezones in the world. Made for people of the world!

This example here for sale is exceptional, she was made in May of 1964 and has an untouched, razor sharp case with the original linen dial and the fat crown. Some people get confused between this one and the less rare version from 1967. The one from 64 is more rare due to the lack of lume on the dial, this edged crown and the presence off the olympic flame on the caseback. 

Early versions like this one have etched casebacks  instead of stamped ones, this means that over time the etching of the olympic flame could wear out. Seiko realized this pretty quick and started stamping them. This particular example is one of the very first and has an etched caseback printing that luckily is in a nice shape. We protect the etching with a caseback sticker. 

Running on a 6217 movement, serviced in house, this watch is ready to tell you the time, the day and the time in Tokyo at any time ( except for the pool, please don't go swimming with this beauty).

Strap: grained handmade 19mm honey strap 


diameter excluding crown: 37,5mm

lug 2 lug: 43mm

 The crystal will be replaced before shipping, I noticed the small stress cracks after the photos were made. This crystal will be included in the package but a new Seiko crystal will be fitted. Thank you!

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