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Omega Speedmaster Professional Don Bezel 105.012-65 HF Pre moon cal. 321


A small step for... Going to not tell you the same story that you have read a million times on Speedies before. However I will tell you some fun and interesting facts of this particular watch that I have figured out while owning it. 

This handwound beauty dates back to 1965, an era before men stepped foot on the moon. Housing a big case for his time yet very contemporary for us now. The twisted lugs make the watch play with the light like no other can. It is an icon with a reason.

Movementwise, this watch runs on the iconic cal 321 that omega recently revitalized in their catalogue, a 17 jewel column wheel monster of a movement. Beating away and keeping time like you expect a toolwatch to do. 

This watch will be sold with a the extract of the Omega archives.  

To know:

Don Bezel

Original hand

Matching patina

HF case

Cal 321

To know:

freckle on the dial at 11

Excessive Nato wear on the caseback

Polished in the past


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