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Rolex 18018 Diamond Wood


Only 1 piece in stock!


A crisp Rolex Daydate reference 18018 with a perfect case is for sale today.

Fitted on the original mint President bracelet this watch really makes a stand in the watch world. But what makes the ever so classy, so iconic day-date an even morge stunning watch? The addition of a wood dial and a factory diamond set on the case.

The watch I present you here definitely will attract some attention but she does deserve it. A wood birch dial with diamonds, factory diamonds on the case, and a AM baguette diamond bezel. Djees she is a big gurl to wear, but such a cool one!

Inside this watch we find a 3035 that is recently serviced and regulated by our watchmaker.

To decrease the carbon footprint of our company we use recycled packaging materials. This includes reusing of bubblewrap, bubble bags and might include used newspapers to fill boxes.

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