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Seiko 62mas 6217-8001 1967 horse shoe


THE ICON arrived at our store. The VERY FIRST diver made by the Japanse MVP. 

Made for a period of only 3 years, a total of about 90k watches in 4 different options. We here have the last iteration made by seiko. She dates back to 67 and has the horse shoe casestamp. This watch is made in the Suwa Factory and houses the iconic 6217 movement that we also see in the famous world timer. The movement did get overhauled and does run within 30s a day. We can also find the original crown on the watch. Important to note is that this crown did get a little ding and moves slightly crooked. The reason we did keep it is that seiko does not offer the original crowns as replacement anymore. 


To notice: 

We are not 100% if this is relumed or not, there is a clear sign of patina on the lume that would make it clear that the lume is either original or relumed a long time ago. The colour would make one think is it a Daini dial. I can nor confirm nor say that this can't be. 

The size: 

38mm diameter

47mm lug 2 lug


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