Perpetual Watch Lover (PWL)

Seiko Business-A 8346-8000 Automatic vintage watch

SKU: 283

A seiko week dater with such a unique case. The profile is stunning and under the radar yet enough texture to play in the sun. This watch will get you some attention, trust us!

The seiko 8346 is a handwinding automatic movement that is in essence one of the best movements designed by seiko. A reliable piece of Japanese engineering that by far is the favorite seiko movement from the perpetualwatchlover team. It is a beast of a movement.

The accuracy is vintage, this means it will differ up to 20s a day but you do get a handy day and super handy quickset date function in return. Remember this watch was made in 68. It took rolex up to 78 to really implement quick set date function.
Diameter: 36mm

Sold with a perpetualwatchlover strap and a period correct seiko box.

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