Perpetual Watch Lover (PWL)

Seiko Chronograph 5717-8990

SKU: 307

The very very very first chronograph caliber ever designed by seiko. That is inside this beauty. A real technical wonder. A hand wound movement with a start stop button at 3 o'clock. A case that wears contemporary fitted on a vintage seiko bracelet for ultimate comfort.
Now you are up to speed with why these watches are loved by so many. The second hand beats away in the smoothest fashion out there. It runs more smooth as your water out of the tap.

We checked this piece in house and regulated it to run good enough to keep you company in the office.
She dates back to 1964 and has a seahorse caseaback for anybody wondering.
Paired with a perpetualwatchlover strap and shipped in a luxury box.

One year warranty and some virtual love and gratefulness is also included.

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