Perpetual Watch Lover (PWL)

Seiko goldfather 15005

SKU: 282

seiko Goldfeather with a stunning case. The profile is stunning and under the radar. Being the thinnest watch made by seiko at the time. Please take a close look at the case to realize how thin this watch really is. The perfect Japanese dress watch that can fit under the tightest shirt.

The seiko 460858 is a handwinding movement that has been developed in late 50's to meet the standard of a super thin movement.. A reliable piece of Japanese engineering that by far is the favorite seiko movement from the perpetualwatchlover team. It is a beast of a movement.

The accuracy is vintage, this means it will differ up to 30s a day. Remember this watch was made in the 50's. Something we barely ever see!
Diameter: 35mm

Sold with a perpetualwatchlover strap and luxury gift box.

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