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Seiko marvel j14012B Pre tanaka


Many people already know about the great design master Taro Tanaka is. He started in 1959 for Seiko and really layed down the grammar of design in 1962. The marvel j14012B is actually designed before Tanaka-sin arrived at the factory, the earliest one seen is from 58 and sold in Japan. This particular example is from February 59. But why is it so special? Well, in the pre Tanaka times Seiko did not have a case design department, the only designing they did was for the dials. This case on the other hand has bevels on all sides, almost like an iwc ingenieur. The dial is very swiss like compared to what we are used to see from Seiko. The movement is also very swiss like, it is very clear were Seiko got his bread in the early days of central seconds hand watches. One unique feature is the presence of the diashock system. This got introduced during the marvel days after they used a form of a knockoff incabloc system. The grand father of grand Seiko as we could say. A piece unique in the history of Seiko with an incredible historical value.


The case size is perfectly balanced at 35mm in diameter with a 17mm lug width.


The movement is serviced and runs like a champ, peaking his amplitude up tot 300 degrees. A unique thing to see on a vintage Seiko ( more in info about these reading in the blog section)


All around a great vintage watch with a historical value that would make even the greatest in vintage watches look twice.

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