Perpetual Watch Lover (PWL)

Seiko Weekdater 6218-8010 seikomatic

A rare vintage seiko weekdater, running on a caliber 6218. Freshly serviced with a one year warranty. This classic runs within 10S a day (better as modern seiko standards) with a fully written day on the dial. A feature on rolex dared to touch at the time.

The watch features a double date and day function with Quickset for the date. A complex and unique feature for a watch dating back to 1967. Next to this this watch does have a hacking feature!

The diameter of the watch is 38mm, it wears fairly big for its time.

Fitted on a 18mm perpetualwatchlover strap, Will be shipped in a luxury gift box.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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