Perpetual Watch Lover (PWL)

Tudor chronograph 79260P


A very cool Tudor chronograph made in 2000. A watch made to celebrate the succes of tiger woods in the golf game. Having a touch of Red at 12 o'clock stating the name 'tiger'.

This toolwatch has been made to the highest standard housing a modified cal 7750 made by valjoux. This watch is made out of a stainless steel oyster case with the oyster crowns on both the time crown as the chronograph buttons. Making the watch a real daily beater ready for whatever you throw at it. The sapphire crystal makes the watch perfect to not get scratches on the place where you need it the most. The bezel is a hint towards the vintage rolex Daytona's with it's nice and thin black profile.

Checked an regulated by our watchmaker, will be sold with a one year warranty and fitted to your wrist size.
serial: H1817xx
Shipping by DHL EXPRESS

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