Collectors favorite #9: Thewatchdude2

In this episode of collectors favorite I present to you a guy that is so cool that he is allowed to put dude in his name. No he is not from HawaÏ, I honestly don't know if he takes on a wave but I know he a is quite a cool guy. He is the co-founder of Redbar Glasgow, he co-hosts wrist time podcast and makes the coolest instagram pictures ever. I present to you: @TheWatchDude2 
What is your name?
My Instagram handle is ‘TheWatchDude2’.
What was your first watch?
My first “proper” watch was a Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Automatic.
What is your favorite watch in your collection? 
I don’t think I necessarily have a specific favourite. They all mean something in different ways. If I had to choose it would be my Halios Seaforth my wife gifted me for my 30th birthday & my Grand Seiko SBGH267 which my Dad gifted me for my wedding day. Two can count right. ;) 
Do you have a holy grail watch? 
My holy grail? That’s a tough one. I think I may already have it. The Rolex Explorer II 16570 “Swiss” only dial. I spent two years searching for the specific reference I now have.
What is your best watch related advice for any other collector?
Buy what you enjoy and afford. It doesn’t matter about anyone else.
How did you get into watches? 
I kind of stumbled into it. A friend of mine once got gifted an automatic watch. Once he told me how it worked I was hooked.
Do you regret selling a particular watch?
To date I have never sold a watch.
What is your most memorable watch related story that you want to share? I gave my Dad my Seiko Alpinist for his 65th birthday. Then he gifted me a Grand Seiko sigh 267 for my wedding. Two very special moments for me.
What is your favorite strap in the perpetualwatchlover collection? 
Not used any straps from Perpetual Watch Lover. Yet...

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ps: did you know I personally draw a dog on every packing note? Don't believe me? Buy something to see for yourself. ( edit November 2023: I stopped drawing dogs since my own found it offensive)