Perpetual Watch Lover (PWL)

Longines dress watch, handwound only 6.5mm thick?!


What a dresser this is. A handwound longines from the late 60’s. Fully serviced and running on a handwound movement.


the caliber, a caliber 428, is a handwound beauty ticking away at 21.600 beats per hour. Making the watch a very capable timekeeper. At this moment she has an amplitude of 271 degrees and running within 7 seconds a day. Can you believe this for a watch of roughly 60 years old?!


next up: the size.


a thickness of only 6.5mm. Perfect to accompany your nicest suit. A diameter of 35mm including the crown, 34mm without, makes this also a very contemporary timepieces. The lug 2 lug is 40mm to give that present wrist presence. Lug width is 18mm


this beauty also has its original longines buckle and comes with a one year warranty.  

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