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Rolex 1016 MK1 frogfoot


For sale is an icon in the vintage Rolex world. The rolex explorer 1016 mk1 matte dial. What makes this watch so unique is thus the mk1 dial, this means the rolex coronet has the shape of a frogfoot. A detail we watch lover spend countless restless nights about. What makes this watch very unique is the condition the dial is in. She is totally dead under the UV light, yet has tritium markings that remain almost completely white. Something only seen on the last batches of the frogfoot. In these days they were experimenting a lot with the tritium ( making it possible to have up to 3 different tritium kinds used on just the mk1 frogfoot) giving very different outcomes. Being in the last batches of the mk1 dial you can see some overlaps in the serial range with the mk2 dial. Making the watch so much more unique.

Details :
Serial: 2 119 XXX (font type A)
Dial: MK1 ( 3th gen) frogfoot dial with original tritium in very white condition
Hands: service tritium, light patina
Bracelet: Folded Oyster bracelet 8/10
Clasp: big buckle clasp, original

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