One watch, one man, lots of stories: Rolex day-date 18038

One watch, one man, lots of stories. This is possibly the most influential watch in my personal life. A day-date, the president's watch, a brick of gold with a day and a date indicator. The watch in the picture is the watch that struck my eye for the first time when I was 6 years old. My dad owns this watch since it was new in '87 and wore it ever since. A pile of gold just attracts the eye of a young kid? I don't know. I do know that this watch has made a big impression to me when i was younger and frankly still does today. This watch is the reason why I ended up in the watch business. I always wanted to own one. ( actually when i was 21 I did buy my first daydate, a 1972 1803 with a champagne dial, the dial my dad actually wanted).

Box and papers never bothers me when buying or selling a watch myself. Lots of papers are fake and boxes don't work with a serial number or whatever. In this case I do care about the papers. Why? It's dads. I love the little booklet, the notebook that my dad still uses and the wallet that Rolex used to add to these boxes. I actually used to save for my first rolex in that wallet.

About the watch: it is a 18038, this means that the date function already has a quickset function. This makes life as a collector a whole lot easier. No need to go around the clock to get the right date. Furthermore does this watch sport a sapphire crystal. Next to the oysterquartz were these the very first Rolexes to offer a sapphire crystal, extra hard and scratch free. You can chip it though, dad did it. About the movement, well she runs at 28.8k bph, that is about 8 ticks each second. Flexin'. 

What is there more to love about the watch your dad wears? He is a one watch kinda guy, on 90% of all the photos you see him wear it. Wish to see him wear it in a thousand photos to come.