Seiko Weekdater Ref 6206-8990: Why you need one!

Seiko, you love them or you hate them. A lot of people are luckily in the love camp. The brand has a super rich history, has a lot of his history to thank to his business model in the early 1900's but that is a different story. Today we look at a watch that is particularly cool for the timeframe in which she was first designed. A seiko 6206-8990.

On the dial the full day is written out at 6 o'clock and the date is visible at the regular spot we all know and love. The movement, a 6206, is a more simplified version of the seiko 6218 giving in some jewels and beating at a lower beat per hour. This particular 6206 has 26 jewels and is easy to maintain. It is a true automatic, the possibility to handwind is nowhere to be found.
 Early 60's is really the timeframe where one might find one of these beauties. The case shape of the lugs makes the watch wear incredibly comfortable. A 38mm case makes the watch feel contemporary while still having that vintage 60's vibe due to the Plexiglas. 
But a double date? I have multiple watches? I don't want to spend 25minutes getting the day and date right! Well no worries buddy, Seiko has always been a pioneer, even in 64 they already invented the quickset option! Obviously there were some little problems still in those days. It is not uncommon to get you day disk misaligned due to going counter clockwise while setting the hands or getting a hard bang to the case. Something to know if you really enjoy vintage seiko.


In the early 60's seiko also etched their cases instead of stamping them. This makes that if you get a watch that has been loved and worn the writing on the caseback is worn down to a certain degree. A 'problem' you often encounter in vintage seiko land.

To conclude is this watch really something else, a great and fun vintage watch to add to any collection. A personal favorite with a reason!


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