Personal watch Friday: episode 1

Personal watch Friday! 


I decided to give you guys a little insight in my personal watches. Starting now, trying to keep this up for a little while! 


For the first edition, we have my little Tudor. I love this thing to bits! It has 2 big story lines connected to it. I’ll try to do this with every personal piece from now on. 

The personal story: 

What a little beauty, am I right? And what’s that? An engraving from 2023 on a watch from the 50’s?! Yes sir! I bought this watch last year on quite a special day. I was in Japan for watches with my girlfriend. Obvisouly I had this crazy idea to ask her to marry me. For the record, she said yes.


Anyways, this all happened in Kyoto. After I went on my knee we strolled around for a bit. Eventually I found an antiques store with almost no watches. Except for some overpriced Rolexes and this little bugger. Without a doubt, as a watch lover I had to pick it up and bring it with me to celebrate the day. Pro tip: if you tend to sell your watches, engrave your vintage pieces. They will last once again.

The professional story:

A tudor small rose, oyster prince with the reference number 7808. In many ways this watch can be seen as the Rolex explorer of the Tudors. These watches were licensed for the BNGE. The British north Greenland expedition. There is a super cool story about these on @hodinkee but to make it short. Tudor has the opportunity to deliver oyster watches to the scientists who went on an expedition to the ‘north ice’. About 25 pieces were issued, 2 have been confirmed to be found again. Honestly the one I have has a serial number that is to what I understood quite close to it. Sadly I can not find any way to double check this but I would love to hear from you guys!


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