Rare watches and their value: The Rolex 1530

Something is only worth as much as the crazy guy wants to give for it.


We all heard this sentence and this is frankly the perfect explanation of what demand and supply means. But how does this affect rare watches?


Well, the watch in this reel is a great example. Visually it looks like a Datejust, just a bit different. Maybe like an oysterquartz? 


Yes you are right, this watch has the same visual appearance as an oysterquartz. Yet it is an automatic watch. Only made in super low quantities between 1974&1976; About 1000/1500 pieces were ever made. 


But what does this do with the value? Because something can be so rare, that it just is not known about. The Rolex 1530 used to be a great example of this. 10 years ago, these watches would fetch 4-5k euros. Nowadays they generally get offered for sale for anywhere between 14 and 30K euro. Ours for example is listed at 17.2. 


But they are in a slow market. Only true collectors know about it and are willing to spend this type of money. In the end this is just a ‘ silver dialed datejust’ even though it is much more as this.


Hope this gave you some insight!