Pre-order handmade straps

The pre-order of our handmade straps is now in working order. We will list multiple new straps to pre-order in the upcoming week. We do expect these to get delivered to our warehouse by the end of september and they will get shipped out immediately. 

What can you expect of these straps? They are made by hand with luxury Italian leather in Italy, by a team of very talented leather artists. We tried multiple leather artists before we chose to work with the one who we're working with now. The product we created together is therefore a high quality strap that feels like it has been made for your wrist and your watch. 

In the picture below you can have a look at the prototype strap we tried over the course of a very hot summer in Belgium. Our conclusion is that the strap stays as soft as it was in the beginning and it can handle the abuse of removing and putting it back on like we watch people do so often. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more models to be listed on the following link:

For any particular questions, feel free to get in touch with us:

Thanks for waiting for this release!