Collectors favorite #1: Milar81


A word of the editor:

In ‘collectors favorite’ we give a collector, small or big, the chance to talk a bit about his watches. How they got started, the watch they wear the most or the one they regret selling. To kick this weekly blog off we reached out to a man who haunts my dreams. I have been following him personally on Instagram for over a year now, if you don’t already you should do so too. If it’s not for his exquisite taste in watches and high quality pictures it should be for his 18038 onyx day-date. A watch that is imprinted in my mind as the quintessential stone dialed Rolex. With pride we present you the first collector: @milar81

Who are u?( IG/ personal name)

On Instagram I am known as milar81 - in real life I live in Germany

What was your first watch?

As a child I constantly went to the local store that sold cameras, batteries ... and some watches, too. Back then I bought several LCD-Watches for a few bucks.
My first „luxury watch“ was a Breitling Navitimer back in 2006. It was my holy grail at that time.

What is your favorite watch in your collection?

My favourite watch is my Rolex Daytona 116500BD. I could rock it everyday without anything missing. Versatile, perfect size for me, water-resistant, sporty- yet elegant, ... just love it!


What is your all-time favorite aka holy grail watch?

I think my holy grail would be a Daytona 6263 with PN dial. I think this is one of the most beautiful watches ever made!

Do you have a watch incoming or are you on the hunt for one?

I am waiting for a Rolex Daytona 116508 green dial and a Patek Nautilus 5711 white dial. Hope to get them by the year of 2050 lol.

Best watch related advice for any other collector?

I got three if that counts:

Buy the seller - condition first - patience is the key!

Do you regret selling a particular watch?

I regret selling almost every watch. Unfortunately my watch budget is very limited. So when the hunt for the next watch begins, sometimes I have to give one of my beauties away.

@milar81 (example shown: a stunning 1675 gilt that is gone but will never be forgotten)
 Favorite strap in the Perpetualwatchlover collection?

I am looking forward to the handmade Italian straps. Love that „honey“ and „deer green“ colorways.

Thank you for the read and stay tuned for the next weeks collector: @theflyingspringbar

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