Collectors favorite #2: Theflyingspringbar

In the collectors favorite series we give a collector his moment to shine. For this week we talked with a collector who has been on my radar since the early days of @perpetualwatchlover. A man who cracked the code on how to keep life and work balanced to a healthy degree, a man who understands that collecting should be fun and not an investing game. A man with yet another watch that i would love to own, a stunning late 80's 1016. I like to present to you @thelfyingspringbar. Enjoy. 
  1. Who are u?( IG/ personal name)
I am Calvin of @theflyingspringbar
  1. What was your first watch?
I’ve had so many ‘first’ watches, I can barely remember them. The ones I do recall however, are the tiny digital watches my mum used to get for me from the local Asian street markets that cost about $3 a piece and were suspiciously similar in design to the Casio F91 with random labels and slogans heat-stamped on the case. F-Shock was a pretty common brand.
  1. What is your favorite watch in your collection?
Credit: Instagram @theflyingspringbar
I’d have to say the Breitling Navitimer A23322. What!? Not a Rolex!? Preposterous. I understand the Navitimer isn’t exactly a crowd favourite for a variety of reasons (from the logical to borderline ludicrous – “I don’t want to look like Travolta” is the best I’ve heard so far). To me A23322 is the epitome of the Breitling spirit – a practical aviator’s tool-watch with a hint of luxury and refinement. To be able to fit the complex slide rules on a 40mm case in manner that is still legible and functional is by itself an engineering marvel. That’s not saying the current Navitimer 01 isn’t a good watch but I find the former stays more true to its intended purpose.
 4. What is your all-time favorite aka holy grail watch?
Credit: Monochrome Watches; Fratello Watches; The Watch Club
I can’t really put a finger on it since it’d imply that I’m done once I acquire it but if I had to choose, it’d be the A. Lange & Söhne Datograph. For something a little more within reach, it’d have to be the Patek Phillippe Calatrava 5296R-010 or the 5227 in white gold and that creamy ivory dial.
 5. Do you have a watch incoming or are you on the hunt for one?
I wouldn’t call myself as being on the hunt. It’s more like a curiosity and like most curiosities, they come and go all the time. But every so often, one of them sticks and once I find myself repeatedly looking it up, I know that’s next on the list until something (or someone!) tells me otherwise. 
 6. Best watch related advice for any other collector?
Credit: Instagram @theflyingspringbar
Why so serious? There are plenty of holier-than-thou, brand loyalist “experts” out there who are just looking for the slightest opportunity to rain on your parade. It’s your money, buy whatever makes you happy. Now if you’re preparing to cough up a ton of money (spending power is relative) on a single piece, of course caution and lots of homework is necessary. Likewise, if your livelihood depends on re-selling watches. Beyond that (and within reasonable spending limits – again relative), I frankly couldn’t be arsed about how / why / when / where the piece is from (unless you stole it from someone else. Now that’s just wrong). I myself got into a little snag recently when I was a little over-enthusiastic at scoring a 5513 at a ridiculous price which turned out to be a dud. But for the price I paid, it’s still a huge win since it’s much better built than a lot of the new indie-brands out there. In the end, it’s like Ariana Grande said, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”.
  1. How did u get into watches? 
Credit: Instagram @theflyingspringbar
It started when I was 8 when I inherited my grandfather’s Orient Calendar (c. 1960s) after he passed. And for a good many years I religiously wore that watch even though it’d gain +60 seconds per day (which led to a few hilarious gaffes on appointments). Along the way, I did receive a couple of other watches (see #2) but I never really thought much about them. By the time I graduated from high school, the mobile phone age hit so at least where I grew up, wristwatches weren’t really a thing and stayed that way until the late 2000s where I got my first serious paycheck and rekindled my little curiosity over watches. However, I have to admit that I’ve been very fortunate to be gifted many of the watches that I have in the collection in appreciation due to my line of work.
8. Do you regret selling a particular watch? 
Credit: Panerai Review
Partly yes. I bought the PAM372 because I thought had to have a Panerai in the collection and although it was a really nice watch, its size (47mm) and heft bothered me quite a bit. Now however – and I believe it’s the age talking – I really wouldn’t mind re-introducing it to the collection just for variety. Let’s see if I can re-purchase it at a deep discount from the guy I sold it to :D
  1. Favorite strap in the Perpetualwatchlover collection?
*This is not a paid review* This is a tough one coz everything just speaks quality. I would however, start with the Tactical Nylons. To me, it’s like a different take on a common design.
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