Collectors favorite #4: Watchesandcoffee


In ‘collectors favorite’ we give a collector, small or big, the chance to talk a bit about his watches. How they got started, the watch they wear the most or the one they regret selling. In this weeks edition of collectors favorite we have a word with the owner of an instagram most of you already know. The man only posts pictures of watches and coffee, hence the name. This combination creates a way to make very photo-genetic pictures with very special pieces. Enjoy the read! 

Who are you?

My name is Max, on IG I go by @watchesandcoffee_
What was your first watch?
My very first watch, when I was a little kid, was a Disney Mickey Mouse watch manufactured by Lorus which is a Seiko company. I still have it, it's super fun, maybe 30mm diameter and Mickey's hands are the hour and minute hands.
My first "real watch" as an adult was a Tudor North Flag. I was out shopping for Christmas gifts for my family and stopped into a jeweler just to look at the watches as they carried Rolex, Breitling, Tudor and a few others. ended up walking out with a new watch.
What is your favorite watch in your personal collection?
Bvlgari Octo Solotempo in stainless steel. I love the Genta heritage, and I can't afford the crazy premiums on a Royal Oak or Nautilus at the moment.
What is your all-time favorite aka holy grail watch?
Probably some AP Royal Oak variant, I'm not sure which is my absolute favorite.
Do you have a watch incoming or are you on the hunt for one?
I actually haven't bought anything in a long time now. I'd like to add something new and I'm interested in a few pieces but life keeps getting in the way of big watch related expenses. I would really like an IWC or JLC next though.
Best watch related advice for any other collector?
Buy what you like without worrying too much about what other collectors think. lots of people have their own biases for or against certain brands or watches for whatever reason whether it's a personal experience or just being influenced too much by the general attitude of other collectors towards a prticular brand or watch. Of course take the advice of more experienced collectors. But make your own choices.
How did u get into watches? 
I bought a few because I enjoyed the fashion aspect of wearing a watch and then just dove into the online community around collecting. Before I knew it I went from cheap fashion watches to Omega and Rolex.
Do you regret selling a particular watch?
There are a TON of pieces that have come through my collection which I absolutely loved, and sometimes wish I could wear again but no I don't regret selling any. that's just part of this hobby I think. most of us can't afford every single watch, obviously myself included, so selling and trading to move onto bigger and better or just new things is sometimes necessary and part of the fun.
Most memorable watch related story?
I bought my Rolex Air King for 350$ off of a local Craigslist type app because the guy who owned it just didn't know what it was worth. It desperately needed to be serviced because there was a loose screw rattling around inside the movement and the bracelet was missing a pin, but I fixed the bracelet myself and had the movement serviced for ~400$, so for under 800 bucks I got an authentic Rolex ref. 14000M.
Favorite strap in the Perpetualwatchlover collection?
The Italian leather in green looks amazing!
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Thank you for the read. We hope you really enjoyed this personal time with the man behind the coffee shots. Make sure you follow his instagram account and stay tuned for next week. 
note: All pictures are either received from Max or directly sourced from his IG. 
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