Collectors favorite #5: Brodinkee

In this weeks blog we have a word with a horological meme lord. On the first sight you could have the idea that his guy is only in the game for the laughs and jokes. In fact he is a proper collector, a collector with his own story. Enjoy the read.
Who are you?
My name is Lee, I go by Brodinkee on Instagram.
What was your first watch?
My first “real” watch (after owning some department store watches in my younger years) was a green Seiko Turtle SRPB01. I got it from a dealer on a forum and it sparked my love for every watch that followed. I’ve since passed it on to a new owner, but I always remember the rush of picking out my very first piece.
What is your favorite watch in your personal collection?
I think this honor goes to my Black Bay GMT. Tudors resonated with me as soon as I started hunting in the deeper end of the watch pool. I loved their swagger, boldness and value proposition. I’m a big fan of snowflake hands and the added water resistance basically nets me a GMT watch and a diver rolled into one very attractive package. It also resembles the original ref. 6542 Pepsi GMT Master, which I love.
What is your all-time favorite AKA holy grail watch?
Naming my all-time favorite watch is a tough one for me. I feel like it changes without rhyme or reason. I’ve always had a crush on the JLC Master Ultrathin Moon. I’d absolutely love to get my hands on one, but worry it’d dominate any and all wrist time. I can’t think of a better problem to have.
Do you have a watch incoming or are you on the hunt for one?
I don’t really have anything on the horizon currently. I wouldn’t say I’m actively hunting, sort of passively stalking- a 16570 Polar Explorer II. I prefer it to the newer 216570. I’ve always lusted after a white dial and have bounced back and forth between the Polar and the Grand Seiko Snowflake. I’m trying to practice abstinence until I can commit to one of the above.
( editors note: i like a 16570 myself one day, great watch value for the money)
Best watch related advice for any other collector?
If I could give one piece of advice, it’d be to consider that you’ll only be wearing one watch at a time.
There isn’t a set number of pieces for a perfect watch collection, but owning more watches than you can wear regularly is a recipe for disaster. You should definitely consider how often you’d wear a watch before you buy it. I guess it can be less bothersome if you’re neglecting a cheap affordable, but having a $X,000 watch rot in your box will eventually result in feelings of buyer’s remorse.
How did you get into watches?
I always had an interest in watches, but never really knew much about them. It originally took a lot of digging to find what was out there and what I liked/disliked. I also happen to have two very close childhood friends who are also watch guys, so my enthusiasm is often amplified by their passion for the hobby as well.
Do you regret selling a particular watch?
My first “higher end” watch was a Tudor Pelagos. It was a real stunner in many regards. I loved the bold color, the lume, the bezel clicks and that easily adjustable bracelet will seemingly never be topped. It still holds a very fond place in my heart. I’m definitely curious to see what Tudor does with the model in the future.
What is your most memorable watch related story?
I have a few good watch-related stories, but I’ll play it safe with this one… Every year after our busy season is over, we have a tradition where my boss will take our team out for lunch somewhere nice. We were at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn and I was wearing my Panerai (Pam560). As the waiters served our porterhouse, I noticed he was wearing a Pam as well. I grinned and said, “Nice watch” with a wink. He was caught by surprise when he realized I was a fellow ‘risti. As we waited for the check, he came back out to talk watches a little and compare Pams. It was fun to be able to expose outsiders to the enjoyment of watch collecting in a candid moment. I also like to think that I looked pretty cool getting that kind of respect from a stranger.
Favorite strap in the Perpetualwatchlover collection?
I’m kind of picky about brown straps and this one really hits the color sweet spot. The minimalist look and versatile color would go well with pretty much any watch that I own, something I look for in any strap I buy. ( editor note, one a few days until they drop)
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