Collectors favorite #6: Jasper Lijfering (aka the KOV)


In this weeks collectors favorite we have one of the most widely known collectors from Europe. Yes that is a bold statement yet with a nickname as strong as 'the king of vintage' we both know he is the man in this vintage watch world. A crazy collector who happens to sell high-end vintage watches for a living. He is known as the owner of @amsterdamvintagewatches, the ultimate candystore for every vintage watchlover. I am proud to present to you the insides of Jasper his collecting journey.
Who are you?
My personal IG handle is @jasper_lijfering but the shop @amsterdamvintagewatches
What was your first watch?
Rolex Datejust 1601 with silvered dial.
What is your favorite watch in your personal collection?
Currently my latest acquisition which is the following early Explorer 6305 with pencil hands and amazing condition waffle dial. 
Editor note: Not sure if Jasper remembers but Rutger showed me this when I was in the store. It was in the first days they received the watch, it did not run too good but damn son it looks 25x better in the flesh. Editor out. 
What is your all-time favorite aka holy grail watch?
I am inclined to pick the 6541 or 6543, the first generation Milgauss model. Otherwise, a watch that is less my personal taste but has my utmost respect; I deeply appreciate the PP 2499 or 1518.
Do you have a watch incoming or are you on the hunt for one?
Basically we buy and sell between 10 to 15 watches a week, so quite some incoming and quickly leaving unfortunately. The watches I tend to add to my personal collection have a personal story to them.
Best watch related advice for any other collector?
Buy what you like so you’ll never loose, don’t buy as financial investment but as an investment in your pleasure. Always buy the seller and condition is key!
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How did u get into watches? 
Ever since I was a young kid I was curious about watches and especially the story behind certain pieces. I always questioned people why they bought a specific watch and what it represents for them. I quickly learned a watch is so much more than just an accessory or a timekeeping device, instead it often has a lot of emotions attached to it.
Most memorable watch moments?
Buying first owner pieces with history and preferably provenance. For example we purchased 2 Submariners that have been used over the course of 4 decades by a Dutch diver who retired. Imagine how much time these pieces spent underwater. Which actually should be their natural habitat, yet nowadays probably most Submariners will maybe only see the shower once in a while.
Do you regret selling a particular watch? 
I can make quite the list, actually we could dedicate an item about it but I rather not; too painful.
Favorite strap in the Perpetualwatchlover collection? 
I would go for the Deer skin in green.
Thank you for reading, we hope that you enjoyed this little catch up with the KOV. Make sure to check his youtube channel/ IG/ Store on a regular basis as there is a reason why he is the king. 
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